Designing Humanity

In 1984 an eight-year-old boy was heading home from the neighborhood store one afternoon. As he passed two older women he overheard one say to the other “That little boy will be someone, someday.” He didn’t pay much attention, but on that day a seed of hope was planted within him. As he grew older, storms continued to appear. Little did he know, those storms were meant to water the seed planted deep within him. Today he stands before you as the founder of King Life Queen Love.

What would happen if each child around the world heard those exact words from someone today?

Let’s up the stakes. What if each child heard someone say, “You’re a King, you’re a Queen,” while presenting them with an umbrella of support. That’s why we exist. Our brand seeks to deliver this exact message through action. By contributing to our efforts, you become the adult who passed me along the sidewalk that afternoon.

Big changes don’t always come from one big idea; sometime it’s the combined efforts of the small ones. Whether you wear our brand or just pass along words of encouragement to a stranger, you pass along an idea that we are all Kings & Queens of service to one another.

— John Rogers, Founder of King Life Queen Love and S.O.L. REACH 501(c)3